Watch a Mitsubishi robot solve Rubik's Cube in 0.305 seconds

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Wondered (without resolution) about this previously: is there some ‘standard’ maximum mixed-up starting state these trials are using? That is, there are a number of levels of Rubik’s Cube scrambling away from a solved state, (‘TTS’ twists to solution?). hell, i might get nigh to 0.3 seconds if it were just one twist away from solved. Anyway, tis a high torque cube twister, and no mistake.

hmm… “god’s number? 20”:

The “most scrambled cube” is any configuration that requires the greatest number of rotations to solve the cube using a perfect algorithm.

Although unknown, this algorithm is hypothetically called God’s algorithm and in fact the maximum number of rotations, called God’s number has been found to be 20.

The list of such 20-move cubes is given here.


Personally I don’t think that any record held by a machine that requires physical alterations to the cube should count. Human competitors have to use standard, unaltered cubes and aren’t even allowed to touch them until the timer starts. This kind of device is way different.

Edit to add: if these robots are touching the cube before the timer starts they should also be subjected to the same time penalties as human competitors:

That’s 4 seconds of penalties right there, not even considering the alterations of the cube. By those rules humans are still faster.


How fast until the cube flies apart or melts?

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i guess they gotta replace the cigarette lighters with something, why not a rubik’s solver?

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Wait For It Optical Illusion GIF


In the slow motion replay, I’m only seeing 16 moves. Might look like 14, but for two of the 14, two opposite faces are moved simultaneously, so they should be each be counted as two separate moves, giving 16. So it’s not optimally scrambled?

Also not clear whether the solution time includes the computer time required to find the 16 move solution, or whether the solution was given to the computer, so the time only involves the implementing the solution.

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