Machine solves Rubik's cube in the blink of an eye


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If only the creators can get the robot to pick up and set down the cube, it will be ready for competition


That’s easy - just make a table that can be lowered and raised.


Well, good thing we don’t pay a lot of people to solve Rubik’s Cubes.


If the robot wants to be #1 in the human world, it has to play on World Cube Association mats. The robot’s “hands” will also have to trigger the start timer.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but there is still work to do.


Plus the robot won’t do that sweet sweet nerdy victory lap/dance/muted-ecstasy-blush that the human Rubik’s cube champs do…


Simultaneous movements is cheating!


I blinked. What did I miss?



From rubrics to robots to terminator to precise drone attacks, end of humanity to bio war, to nuclear war!

You feeling ok Rob?

I mean, I like it, but just checking…


OH I am aware of competition, which is why I chose my words carefully…


Well, the concept art is ready at any rate


If this was true, then my settlements in Fallout 4 wouldn’t keep losing to raider attacks.


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