Watch a kid smash the Rubik's cube speed record

I found it quite methodical, when I learned it back in the day (I’ve since forgotten it, though).

Oh man what a shot of dopamine! Unicorn chasers move over.

Much more impressive than my 30-odd years of not being able to solve it even once.

(I did manage to solve the Rubik’s Magic over the course of three months, though.)

They might be referring to Etter holding two world records. According to Wikipedia he also holds the world record for average 2x2x2 solve time.

That’s awesome and it looks like a pretty awesome community those kids have, but why are there almost no girls in the room? I spotted one girl, filming the celebration, but no others… Does anyone know?

The Cube-solver world may never recover from the loss of Eddie Smolensk in the cooties outbreak of '05.

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