Self-solving Rubik's Cube


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Toys that play with themselves- all the pleasure that toys provide, none of the messy humans!


I can’t read the source site and wasn’t paying close enough attention to the video, but I’m assuming it just plays back the scramble moves in reverse? Still pretty clever though.


It does not appear to be doing that. Watching the second video, the cube takes more moves to get back to solved than were initially made and in a different sequence. It looks to be “aware” of its state and solves algorithmically, though perhaps not efficiently, from there.




At long last, we have been made obsolete.


Possible marketing line for first AI driven sex doll.


Oh, but the anticipated demand for automatic Rubik’s Cube operators…


They don’t yet scramble themselves


Wait, why isn’t it pulling itself apart after several minutes of faffing about, then reassembling fully solved? That’s how every Rubik’s Cube I’ve ever solved works.




I, for one welcome our new cubic overlords. (Which is to say, I won’t get twisted out of shape by them.)


It did seem to take three times as many moves to solve. I feel like that’s hard than just playing back the moves in reverse, which makes the thing even cooler.

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