Minimalist Rubik's Cube




Man, finally one I can solve!


Reminds of the tiny Go boards.


Out of my league. I believe I can master Rubik’s Plane, however.


That is F***ing amazing! Why did this simple idea take so long to surface? It satisfies a condition I did not previously recognize as needing satisfying. That is creative.


Just look at it.


My Big Little Book of Binary Sudoku is minimalist along similar lines…




I’ll still end up peeling off the stickers and moving them around.


All those colours are a jumble. If they’re serious about minimalism, paint it all matte-white.


Two games in one, you could also use the Rubik’s Plane to play a simpler, quicker tic-tac-toe.


This really shouldn’t irk me as much as it does, but a standard Rubik’s cube has yellow and white on opposite sides.


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