Minimalist Rubik's Cube


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Man, finally one I can solve!


Reminds of the tiny Go boards.

Out of my league. I believe I can master Rubik’s Plane, however.


That is F***ing amazing! Why did this simple idea take so long to surface? It satisfies a condition I did not previously recognize as needing satisfying. That is creative.

Just look at it.

My Big Little Book of Binary Sudoku is minimalist along similar lines…

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I’ll still end up peeling off the stickers and moving them around.


All those colours are a jumble. If they’re serious about minimalism, paint it all matte-white.

Two games in one, you could also use the Rubik’s Plane to play a simpler, quicker tic-tac-toe.

This really shouldn’t irk me as much as it does, but a standard Rubik’s cube has yellow and white on opposite sides.

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