Look how smoothly this mini-Rubik's Cube turns


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Re: “27 cubes” - effectively 26 for the 3x3x3, while the 2x2x2 you get to see all 8.


The only time 3 x 9 != 27 :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to brag, but I’m pretty handy with a 1x1x1


your journey has just begun. I mentioned in your other post, you really should be starting with the 3x3, not the 2x2. The techniques you learn by doing the 3x3 and then the 4x4 will pretty much give you everything you need to solve any sized cube. The 2x2 is not the easiest cube to solve, especially if you start out with it.


Eh… the 3x3x3 is more like 20 cubes around a 7-cube ‘3D cross’.


Even more handy is this guide to solving the 1x1x1:


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