Watch this guy solve a 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube in under half a second


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So you solve this thing by picking it up and slamming it down? How is this even interesting?


The video does not have the framerate to appreciate what happened here. There’s like 3 frames of blur and then it’s done.


That’s going on my grave stone.


It took me more than half a second to process the title. My brain. It asplode!


A pretty apt description of living a life, especially as the once-distant horizon become visible.


I realize that this is pointless pedantry, but the solving took more than half a second. It’s still impressive as all get out that the physical manipulation part of the solving was that short, but the solving started when he first saw the cube, figured out the configuration, and then decided on the moves to use.


It still takes me about 30 seconds to solve a 1x1x1.


It’s a thing. I now want one.


1x1x1 cubes are a good first 3D printer project. My test print didn’t come out square, it was a few mm taller than it should have been.


I never understood why actually solving the puzzle wasn’t part of the time. That would seem to me to be the difficult part, whereas the rest is just finger dexterity and manipulation. I would be interested in times starting at the unveiling of the cube.

Full disclosure: I suck at all parts involved, so who am I to comment.


This video is too long.


Meanwhile, I can’t even solve a 2x2x2 before I give up.


Can I interest you in a 0 x 0 x 0 cube?


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