Watch this guy solve a 17x17x17 Rubik's Cube in under 5 hours

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I have an 8x8 cube that takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to solve. Oddly enough (pun intended) since it’s an odd number there are a few things that makes a 17x17 technically easier to solve. With even numbered cubes you can get into a few situations that require extra steps. The same steps can be used to solve a 17x17 that are used to solve a 5x5 cube actually. It just takes a LOT longer and a LOT more hand cramps. I’d love to do this once just to say that I’ve done it.


The shuffle was videoed, just watch it backwards FTW! :joy:


Would this count as proof-of-work?


Why do they bother calling it a 17x17x17 cube? Why not just a 17 cube? I suppose there are 2x3x3 rectangulars, but are there bigger ones? Is there a 17x23x37 rectangular cuboid out there? A 17x17x17x17 hypercube?


A Rubik’s tesseract! Only the Princes of Amber can manipulate it.


The colors change over time


And only then if they walk towards someplace in Shadow where it’s already solved.


Here’s a start:

Technically, it doesn’t appear to be a cube, what with the convex faces. And while it may not have definitional relevance re: “cube,” it also has uneven-sized pieces.

But I’m at the edge of my geometry knowledge here…

Good on him but I don’t think this is anywhere close to “fast.” There are a few of people that can do 11x11x11 in <18 minutes. Fast for this should be under 30 minutes.

The only reason we don’t see those times with this 17x17x17 is that the cube costs like $700

Maybe we already are watching it backwards…

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I feel like I just watched Rocky VII. That is, I am none the better for having viewed the last four incarnations of this progression.

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