"Moyu Weilong GTS2" is the best Rubik's Cube

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I’ve always found even numbered cubes harder to master than odd numbered ones. Base 2 I find harder than 3, and base 4 harder than both 3 and 5.

The magnetic version is really nice too, the other cube I enjoy is the Valk 3M (again magnetic). You can also get magnetic conversion kits from the speed cube shop if you want to do the magnetization yourself (takes about 1 hour of time).

To ensure smooth swift motion, we used to take ours apart, vaseline them, and then pop em back together. I had friends for whom speed was an issue, as they would race each other for the best times to complete it. I never got past completing two sides…

oh no, solve the 3x3 first. you’ll learn the basics of what you need to know. The 2x2 cube is not trivial. My recommendation is to learn in this order. 3x3, 4x4, 2x2, 5x5. Once you learn those you can solve any of them. I also own a 6x6 (my favorite) and an 8x8. They solve exactly the same way, it just takes about 25 minutes for me to do the 8x8 and it’s a good stress reliever. I’m not into the speed cubing because that just adds stress, I just use the basic method of solving the middles, then edges, then corners. Follow ‘TheSergsB’ on youtube for some great tutorial videos on the basics.


I once set a speed record with a 1 x 1 x 1 cube. The secret is to first get the white square on top.


“Moyu Weilong GTS2” is the best Rubik’s Cube

Are you sure? Because the new world record for solving it was done on one of these bad boys.

You know, I really like these new cubes because they really help your times. Mine has dropped from eternity to 'til the end of time.


Same, I treat them like a sudoku puzzles/ stress balls really. I’ll sit in meetings with 7x7; helps me concentrate.

The important thing for me is that it be sticker-less.

Some higher order (8x8 - 11x11) sicker-less ones came out this year that I’m going to get.

There are dozens of kinds of well made cubes that don’t have the “locking up” issue Mark mentions. For those that don’t know about cubing but are interested, I’d recommend you read up a little bit on your own rather than just clicking through to an affiliate link.

Why spend $15 when you can spend $4? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00H9FSS58/

I haven’t even needed “cube lube” (aka silicone) for this one

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