Two 'Rubik’s Race' players compete at mind-boggling speed

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Shouldn’t the Rubik’s cubes be less flat and more 3d looking, like, let’s say, a cube?


I agree with the imgur comment pointing out that one of the squares on the winning side is wrong; if you look carefully at the scrambler, there aren’t two orange squares, instead, one is red and one is orange.

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It’s called “Rubik’s Race”, there’s no “cube” in the name of the game. Erno Rubik invented other games besides his most famous one. This game is not “Rubik’s Snake” either.

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It certainly appears orange but I’d say that’s because you can only see it through the curve of the plastic cover. If you look at the blue one next to it, it also appears to be a lighter shade of blue than the rest.

Edit: Looking at it more closely it’s even stranger because the “winner” has two oranges in his solution when to me it looks like two reds in the scrambler. Then if you watch the opponent’s moves, they are clearly moving the orange tile off to the side of the board and sliding a red tile into the space which looks orange in the scrambler.

I’d definitely be curious to see the full video of this.



Interesting; the gent who thinks he’s won is perhaps colorblind?

I’ll be curious to see the full video as well.

It is interesting to see how both contestants start with the same side of the scrambler (two blues + yellow). I always start with the center and move my way outwards according to availability of the tiles. In 37 years, nobody has ever beat me at this game. My niece is getting very close though.

Concerning the mini 1x1x1 cubes within the slider, the stickers on the 1982 version were beautiful; really perfect colors and nice round corners. The ones on the new version don’t have stickers; they seem to be silkscreened directly on the plastic (and they don’t have perfectly round corners). The thing is, the paint/ink is slightly semi transparent and so some of the black shows through (particularly on the red, orange and yellow sides; thus, those colors look slightly darker, which is very annoying). I own both versions and after seeing this, I immediately swapped the mini cubes. Now I have the good old 1982 mini cubes within my modern version scrambler.

Additionally, the 1982 version mini cubes have a strange color scheme; it is similar to the Japanese color scheme, but with red and orange on opposite sides. The new version mini cubes have the Western color scheme. Obviously, the color scheme of the mini cubes don’t have any impact on the actual game. Here’s a link that shows the standard color scheme for reference:

Here’s a comparison of the stickers/paint of the two mini cubes (red, blue and yellow are shown on both).

And here’s a comparison of the two sets of mini cubes within the modern version scrambler showing the configuration on the video (as I see it).

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