Premier League orders censorship of BBC and other legit sites, blasts ISPs for correcting their error


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If only someone could have foreseen this happening. Hindsight and all…


Send them (Premier league) a bill for lost whatever due to improper submission of the ips. One of those ridiculous loss of service estimate type bills (using some of that copyright losses math)


Cory, please be careful not to include the Premier League’s IP address in a takedown notice to ISPs because one of your books was posted online somewhere. Please don’t do it.

Because I’d break my ass falling down laughing.


I am shocked. I am wearing my shocked face.

( ̄へ ̄)


Somebody ought to enlighten them. In the manner of Basil Fawlty explaining things to Manuel.

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I hope that ISPs do continue to enforce the block. Better to get the public outrage up over these laws sooner rather than later. Better to let everyone know that they can’t access these websites because of the Premier League. Better for the lawsuit against the Premier League to have more ammunition.

What the ISPs need to do for a while is (1) be very acquiescent about accepting censorship demands, and (2) post the name and contact information of the censorship-demanding organization extremely prominently on the warning page that replaces the site. There need be no other text beyond “This page has been censored by The Premier League for alleged copyright infringement, please contact them at phone number and/or the [applicable government office] if you have any questions.”

Make it clear that the ISPs have no power in the matter and deflect user’s rage towards the censoring organization and the increasingly obnoxious government that is so willing to place the power of preemptive censorship into such irresponsible hands.


I’d like to thank the Premier League for advancing the copyfight cause far more than just about any other organization. We accept your noble sacrifice, and promise not to let on to the rest of the media industry world that you’re a double agent.


Is the headline meant to be self-parody, Cory? The Premier League caused a listing site to become unavailable by inadvertently (though clumsily) causing a technical issue, and that amounts to ‘censoring the BBC’ ? The Radio Times isn’t even part of the BBC any more.

A technical issue, when combined with the force of law, can indeed result in censorship, Lawyers need to be more careful when mucking about with the internet.

I hope Cameron and his other technically-illiterate cronies are observing this fiasco. Could be the tip of the iceberg.

I need to copyright myself so I can get some legal protection.

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Please, define censorship. It’s not the same as simply making information unavailable.

Btw. the firstrowsports is easily accessible thru

The best part about asinine, unreasonable anti-piracy actions like these is the Streisand Effect. Thanks, Premier League! I now have a new bookmark.

Hmm. As the list constitutes a formal declaration that said websites were criminal in nature, it seems to me that the UK’s notorious libel/slander laws may suddenly have a practical application here.

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The only problem with that idea is that Cory posts his books online.

Oh. This could be fun. The ISPs should NOT fix this.

It would seem that the Premier League has just publically declared these very respectible sites are actually law breaking pirates. That is libel and is very punishable in British courts. Let the system destroy itself. If the Premier League wins, libel law will have to be changed. If they lose, every other entity considering using these games will be much more cautious.

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Can libel law be used against censorware? Is it libel to call Boingboing a nudity site?