Preserving endangered dark rides with VR

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I’d like to say that making out with a VR headset on would be difficult.


The Bronson Cave one at Griffith Park is still the best.

Even if it exists only in my computer. :smiley:

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If we can have a VR Adventurer’s Club, I might need to get me a headset.

Looks like the campaign is over. Bummer, I might have gone in on that.

They’re prime for teenage making out, have been around for 100 years – and they’re disappearing.

They’re disappearing due to the internet, so let’s throw some internet at the problem.

One day in 2025 we will have virtualized everything, and we’ll realize we’ve lost our sense of taste and smell. Birthrates plummet, and it’s Matrix time.

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That explains the pinhead show still being around in the 21st century.

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