President Obama gives a shout-out to Make founder Dale Dougherty


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I don’t care how close he wants to be perceived to be to alternative culture - he’s a phony-progressive police-stae-loving fascist war criminal.

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Well good. I’ve always liked the look of “Maker Fair” much better.

Nahh, I’ve met Dale, and he’s nicer than that.

Great, you showed up to the presidential equivalent of a ribbon-cutting at a school. No one gives a damn about that or you slow-jamming the news with fawning celebrities.

We get it: you’re just a regular, everyday, down-to-earth cool guy… Who’s administration is setting new standards for lying, intrusiveness, abuse of power, smothering of constitutional rights and civil liberties, etc. etc.

Why don’t you slow-jam the drone kill list or all the federal whistleblowers you’re prosecuting?

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