White House Maker Faire taking place in 2014


That kid brought a homemade plastic firearm into the White House?? Some Secret Service agent is sooo fired.


Are they going to employ the same stringent restrictions as the TSA?

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Will there be a homemade drone that can kill 50 wedding guests and children collecting firewood?

That’s really all Obama is interested in. That and a pocket Raspberry Pi that erases Occupy tweets.

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“ICE agents today report finding nothing out of the ordinary lodged in the President’s rectum.”

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Joey looks like a young Bill Gates.

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I wonder where does he find the time between country running and these things…

That’s a WMD: Weapon of Marshmallow Destruction.

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If his predecessor could make time to take a whopping 867 Vacation days during his Presidency then I’m sure #44 can pencil in a few minutes to say some words of encouragement to the kids who may shape the future of our country’s economy.

I’m going to help my nephew build one like this:

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