Watch Obama get adorably excited about White House trick-or-treaters


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When I am 2 months from retirement, I will (hopefully) be that happy, too…


This is very cute, but then I think how those kids are probably getting shafted, candy-wise, since they could have hit like 20 houses in the time it takes to stand in line for this, and you know Michelle insisted on fruit and nuts only. THANKS OBAMA

I also wouldn’t want to be the Fergelmans at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue, wondering why only children who are a security threat are knocking on their door.

  1. WTF is Obama dressed up as? Steve Jobs?

  2. Oh man, if I was President, we would fucking KILL it on Halloween… One year I’d call up the army and get a platoon decked out as zombie soldiers. Another I’d have all the secret service in Storm Trooper armor. Another I’d have a full cast of the Adams Family and the Munsters and we would reenact famous senate debates or something.


Holy moly who were the dancers at 0:09? They were awesome for two seconds!


Well 1601 would be Lafayette Square Park, so the only people “living” there are occasional protestors, they’re probably even more prone to organic, health food, treats than Michelle. One does wonder about the OTHER 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…


Trump would make it so much classier.


It would be the greatest in the history of, I tell you something, I love halloween. Everybody knows it. I throw the classiest and the best parties. The best.


Yeah…clearly the guy is a demon. clearly.


I dunno, I think Reagan sung “Purple Rain” with more gusto back on H’ween '87.


He’d charge admission, have the non-white kids pass through a metal detector, and then hand each kid exactly one piece of cheap hard candy.


When your kids get cavities. . . blame Obama.


Did he call a storm trooper a ghost buster?


If he didn’t misidentify popular culture things once in awhile, he wouldn’t have been able to properly embarrass his teenage daughters, and by extension, not be a good dad.

Conclusion - probably.


No, he called the ghostbuster a ghostbuster. Ghostbusters!


How 50% of your populace can vilify Obama is beyond me. Regardless of one’s politics, can’t we all agree that the guy is almost preternaturally presidential?


And every girl would have to wear a sexy costume, to be scored by the POTUS.

Honestly, I was thinking about this while watching the movie (to clarify, the Trump being president part). These events look like so much fun, but you’d want to keep your kids away from the White House if he was elected.

Americans: please don’t screw up this election.



Yes. I don’t always agree with his policies but in my 35 years, he’s the best president we’ve had.

We screwed this election up years ago but there’s a good chance we can get the presidency for four more years and at least one of the houses for two.


Then bankrupt the country and not pay off the “investors”.


I did my part, I promise!