The White House staff pranked Obama with snowmen


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I don’t think “President” Trump would take too kindly to this…


Of past presidents, I’m thinking Nixon might have taken a baseball bat to them.



Snowmen should be the least of his worries… I expect to see four horsemen looking in on Herr Drumpf.


This kind of stuff just makes me depressed now.


Fake news. A close examination of the photographs reveals subtle hints that these so-called “snowmen” are not actually made of snow (nor, in fact, are they male).


You’re not looking forward to someone with a genuine and self-deprecating sense of humour being replaced by a thin-skinned guy whose jokes only punch down?


Gonna miss having a human as President.


Next year, I’d like to see something more like this:



That’s the one!


I’m going to miss a President who can have fun while in office.


Trump will have fun. He’ll be playing his very own game of Civ, and he can bomb things and conquer places, and, if he gets bored, watch and laugh as his own country falls apart…

Oh, you meant light-hearted fun, didn’t you? Sorry, my bad.


Obama truly is the most adorable war criminal.

Trump will be significantly less adorable, but on the bright side he, too, will be a war criminal. So, you know. Some legacy remains.


To be fair Trump will never be in the Oval Office as he’s turning the White House into the world’s most expensive bed and breakfast.


He’ll do his best to increase global warming just to stop these kind of shenanigans.


He’ll like it when he discovers he can grab them by the ***** and they don’t publicize the fact.

“Hey baby, do you know who I am? I have the best words.”


The internet has messed with my expectations regarding pranks. I was expecting a story about a staffer dressed up a snowman who startles the President by lunging at him but then gets shot by the Secret Service.

I guess this is cute too.