"World’s toughest duck" has died, and other tabloid stunners


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Unless they’ve written this about every other sitting president and spouse since they first published, I’m thinking racism?


I’m pretty sure I already ate the worlds toughest duck, about 4 years ago, at a quite awful Thai take out place.


Not so tough NOW, are you?



Let’s respect the duck’s privacy.


The Examiner also features luxury cat playhouses designed to look like the Kremlin, a Chinese pagoda, and the White House - doubtless emptied of everything by the Obamas’ cats.

I’ll bet that Kremlin one is really the Cathedral of St. Basil. Noobs get them mixed up all the time. The Kremlin is actually across the street, and it’s not that pretty.


Musta been a slow week for the tabloid writers – who would consider Hairspray to be a secret?


Damn IT! I’ll get back to you with a like in a few hours, I promise. But for now::blue_heart:



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