After Trump called the White House a dump, it's being renovated. Here are photos of it 'under construction'


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Ugh, tax dollars burned




We’re probably gonna pay a second time to redo the interior, if it winds up looking like those hotels.


It is an HVAC upgrade.


There’s sure enough hot air!


Thermometer ≠ thermostat.


I will pay all my money if we can have a new president renovating it next week.


Who scheduled the renovation & when ? I’m a bit skeptical that what he said is actually the cause of this :confused:


You have to know that the work was planned and approved by the previous administration. When there are ceiling leaks, delaying repairs makes the problem more expensive.


That’s nothing compared to what Truman did to the place.


At lest it’s only 3 week renovation for the White House unlike Canada’s official residence for the Prime Minister.


Needs more gold shit


I’m sure this had been scheduled way in advanced–likely the previous administration. My guess is it was scheduled to coincide with the incoming President’s redecoration of the Oval Office.

To be fair to Trump, his comments might have been in response to the things scheduled for repair: old carpet, problems with HVAC, housefly problems (outside of the stories about Reince Priebus).


I think everyone has it backwards.

Major renovations like this are usually planned years in advance - sometimes as much as a decade, but it was probably only brought to pudding-brain’s attention shortly before the builders were scheduled to start working.

That “dump” remark was probably made a day or two after Trump first heard about the renovations.


Please tell me Trump isn’t going to be able to make major decorating decisions. Renovations that focus on maintenance is fine. Old homes need constant upkeep, but major decoration changes… call me weird but given the historic nature of the white house (even beyond it being the president’s home/office it is a home thats had continual residence for over two centuries) showing off that history in tasteful ways is good.


I thought the leaks only started with the current administration.


And we all know Trump hates leaks!


Oh yeah true true, that would explain Spicer goofing around


When the place is all renovated in gold and cream and has all the leeks required in similar shades will the American people have to pay Trump Properties to rent it for the Pres. to live there?