After Trump called the White House a dump, it's being renovated. Here are photos of it 'under construction'


{Security inspector walks into Oval Office. Stops dead, mouth open.}

“Are those . . . trap doors?”

“Umm, yes sir. To dump security risks into Teddy Roosevelt’s old alligator pit.”

“Soo . . . why is there a trap door under where the President chair will go? And the couch where Bannon and Miler usually sit?”

{Ten seconds of awkward silence, exchange of nervous glances.}

“Very good. Carry on. And . . . maybe another over there, where Conway does her couch squat.”


So what you’re saying is they should hire Master P as the designer…


Here is what it will look like when it is finished.


How does one seriously check a thermometer?


Those contractors all know they’re probably gonna get stiffed, right?


Trump: “I know how we can turn this ship around; come in for the big win; accomplish the mission; get back on track; Two words, people: Rebranding.”

Nameless aide: “But mister president, what about the budg-”

Trump: “You’re fired. Get this guy out of here. byebye"
makes rude hand shooing gesture
"So what do you all think about gold?”


Anyone else bothered that they don’t have a storage solution better than Pods for the furniture in the White House?


I can see your misunderstanding; those aren’t for furniture, those are for journalists.


That would be pretty funny, since it appears that Trump is taking credit for this too. Ha.

Anyway, I think it’s goofy for some people to complain about the cost of things like this. It’s a government office, it needs a renovation every few years. If you want to complain about spending, I think we all need to start focusing more attention on military spending, which is the reason we can’t afford quality healthcare and education for example.


The renovations are certainly more cost effective than letting Dump lease out one of his buildings.


I hope the FBI, NSA, and CIA will keep their surveillance bugs in place after the renovation. Have to keep a close on eye on fucking traitor Trump.


"Jeez, I would have thought the carpenters would have went with finish nails for that paneling instead of exposed steel screws. C’mon, guys, we’re trying to make this place look classy!"


History means nothing to Trump. If he can’t grope it or put gold foil on it, its basically meaningless to him. Witness when he wanted to land in a helicopter on the World Heritage Masada site whereas all other world leaders used the regular cable car route that respects and preserves the site.


That was actually my first thought: Is there some sort of system in place to tell The President that no, there are some basic matters of taste when it comes to remodeling, you won’t be living here forever?


First photo looks like a Dexter kill room. One can dream, right?


While many of us would love living in a museum, Trump has no interest in history or art and calls it a dump.



Hmm. Rooms with plastic film “because we’ve got the painters in”.
Anybody else reminded of Lethal Weapon 2?


Gold plating a building that large will not be cheap… or classy.


Seriously, in what version of the English language can you have a uniformed Secret Service official? Are we looking at MIB here?

Also, is Trump going to have to have his own listening devices installed to transmit to the RF embassy?