After Trump called the White House a dump, it's being renovated. Here are photos of it 'under construction'


Men in white.


What? No Home Depot Amigos helping out?


Here’s how the Trump’s wanted it to look:


Has anybody dared say that to him?
“Your excellency, may you reign a thousand years…”


Nothing about the decoration scheme in this picture looks different from the previous decoration scheme. As far as I can tell from scrolling through pictures of the previous administrations’ oval office decor, Obama put in the gold and cream wallpaper.


With a high degree of accuracy. *jazz hands, rimshot.


Why no pictures of the enormous swamp drain surely being installed somewhere? The public expects a swamp drain. And suitable equipment to decontaminate the effluvia.
I suspect that in Trump’s eyes Obama’s real fault was that he didn’t encourage the tourism and property development industries the way Trump does. Next question; is he going to let rooms in the refurbished White Trump House?


I’m all for giving Trump as much crap as possible for all the horrible things he’s done, but these renovations were, in fact, planned and approved during the Obama administration, and apparently are sorely needed. I don’t like it when we give Trump crap about something he had nothing to do with, because it just gives him ammunition for his “FAKE NEWS” attacks.


That’s classy! Long Island classy!


Technically, the Clintons did. Spend a night in the Kennedy Lincoln bedroom for a generous campain contribution and that sort of thing.

That being said, I can totally see Trump renting out “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” as an address for letter-box companies.


I don’t like that wallpaper much either, but I don’t think that Turnip Truck will be comfortable until every place he uses in the WH looks like the lair of a Bond villain.


I’m from Long Island. I grew up in the working class part of a very wealthy area in northern Nassau County. I visited some homes of the very wealthy. and a few repurposed “Gatsby” era mansions.

None that I remember resorted to the gilt crap.

That’s Third World Dictator classy.


It is a real Abu-Dhabi-doo


That thermometer is charming. I wonder which President asked for it to be installed- sure there’s some history there.

If it needs to be restored, by all means. But - leave it be.


Okay, it’s Bridge and Tunnel, Forest Hills, classy. Like a gold chain on a hairy chest with the buttons opened to the navel.


Saudi gaudy.


Now, now. Bond villains have more taste (unless they work for Smyert Spionam, obviously). More taste but, these days, less hench.


wonder if they’ll import that old electric static problem some hotels have when you touch the handles you get a shocker


Huge Classy.
Still - needs more cowbell.



Queens County Classy. Slobs who come into money classy.