After Trump called the White House a dump, it's being renovated. Here are photos of it 'under construction'


He built Trump Tower because Manhattan wasn’t classy enough.


I’d say baroque, but he’s definitely got that petrodollar gold plated taste.


To say Gaudy would be doing the language a massive disservice.


Do you think Kim Jong-un would take it personally if a gold tank showed up on the White House lawn?


Isn’t that normally being derogatory to a social group who can’t respond in kind?


Reasonably good for radiation shielding but about as useful against modern anti-tank weapons as chocolate. There’s probably a North Korean sleeper who would take it out with a crossbow.

(I know, completely OT but this is a true story or at least I was told it at KBIS by someone who regularly went to the ME: They were pitching to refurbish the palace of a Saudi prince, and were informed that all the plumbing was to be gold.
“You mean gold plate” says the sales guy.
"No, His Majesty wants solid 18-ct gold. 22ct if possible."
They tried to explain that even 18ct is much too soft but to no avail and eventually gave up. They never did find out who got the contract.)


Trump’s got nothing on Truman
Photos of the White House Gutted During Its Truman Reconstruction


That flooring pattern, combined with the Oval Office walls makes for a weird, disorienting room…


So Spicer resigned but didn’t leave?


He’s been hiding amongst the bushes. Comey had to leave, though; they took down the curtains.


It was Kay Jewelers. They have a store in the Mall at Mecca.


Except that new president would presumably be Pence, who would probably be more interested in implementing The Handmaid’s Tale in real life than renovating.


Has anyone checked to make sure that Trump isn’t making some money on the side, renting it out on AirBnb?


Heh…I’m sure that Orangatan Dumpster won’t really feel comfortable there until it is thoroughly cleansed with Russian urine.


I don’t think he’s officially out until September?


We can deal with Pence. He’ll be damaged goods; a lame duck out of the gate.


Remember what people said about Trump before the election, and ponder that.


Before the election, most people thought Trump would lose, and that it would be a terrible mess if he won.

It is a terrible mess. . . but from Day One citizens hit the streets, the courts have challenged and weakened his executive measures, Congress can’t find its ass with both hands, and there’s a major investigation into not only Trump’s campaign but his family’s finances. Trump’s dreams of a mass populist movement have been dashed. The GOP could well lose the House in 2018.

Pence is weak tea; the last choice of a desperate campaign. The Indivisible groups won’t strike their tents if he is sworn in. We won’t shut up; we know what to do, and we’ll do it.


Well, I hope you are right.


We have to make it right. There is lots of hard work ahead.

It isn’t too early to work on digging up dirt on Pence. Every wretched statement he’s made, every video where he comes across as a sectarian prude. He is less 21st century America than Trump is, and we can work with that.