In Trump's shambolic White House, staffers who can't find the light-switches literally hold meetings in the dark


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Unless the West Wing was designed by an adventure game developer, how hard is it to figure out how a light switch works?


I was kinda wondering the same thing, and hoping this is mere hyperbole.


Biden plastered over all the switches.


Lizards may prefer the dark.


“Visitors…wander around, testing doorknobs until finding one that leads to an exit.” There are no exit signs in the White House?


if the entire situation wasn’t such a nightmare, it would be great fodder for a West Wing-ish comedy.




That NYT article is chilling. I can’t say any of it surprises me, but it all sounds so horrifying and demoralizing. Almost as though the country elected a deeply unqualified know-nothing.


“Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come into the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.” John 3:20

(NOT a Thumper!)


Maybe this is why Trump is so low energy he can’t make phone calls at 5pm?





I wasn’t using know-nothing in the historical sense.

Just in the idiot sense.


fuckin’ light switches… how do they work?


Yeah, most likely. I’ve encountered meeting rooms with ridiculously complex “smart” lighting systems with lots of controls for independent sets of lights, as well as for screens and telecom systems, etc etc. I’d like to think I have a good sense of interface intuition, but I don’t want to go near those things.

Here’s an example (probably not quite THIS complex, but similar):


It’s still not clear whether this is incompetence or low cunning, but the scales are certainly tipping towards incompetence.

It’s not? From day one of his candidacy incompetence has been the only word I would use to describe this. His ascendancy has given us the unfortunate opportunity to review a career rife with incompetence. Pundits’ need to assign shrewd strategy to his methodology or to the sycophants barnacled onto him is just an egotistical denial of simple facts. This man is a floundering buffoon who has had everything in life handed to him, has “succeeded” in business due to the vast wealth bequeathed to him (and, in that success has lost vast amounts of his father’s wealth), has arrayed his court with shrewd opportunists and worm-tongues who know that feeding his incredibly fragile ego is the key to the kingdom and is, to his core, a bored, boring, unempathetic, inexperienced, classless and weak human. Nothing more.

I find it staggering that we are still openly discussing this. There is no there there.


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