Look back on the best White House photos of 2016


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Ugh. Obama bombs 7 countries, builds the largest surveillance state in history, hunts down and persecutes whistle blowers, maintains Guantanamo Bay prison camp, and arms the world’s most repressive regimes.

To the gullible he’s the “cool” President - just look at those heart warming snaps - rather than the shallow, empty, vain fraud he really is.


So which presidents have been better, in your opinion? (Bonus points if they’re alive.)



Kind of gross dude.


This is where the President introduced George Clooney to the wonders of Nespresso.


I’ve been trying to imagine the photos we’ll get from the Trump White House. It’s actually been making me somewhat physically ill. First of all, Trump probably won’t allow so many photos - that’s a level of transparency he’ll not be onboard with. (Also, less time spent in the White House means less time for photos as well.) The photos we’ll get will be Trump looking uncomfortable and completely out of his depth, and Trump making grotesque facial expressions. What we’ll definitely not get is Trump playing with children or showing any humanity. (Can you imagine that Trump has ever played with a child, including his own?)



Four years of that. And this

and hell, his resting expression is pretty gross:


Whatever you think of Mr. Obama’s legacy as president, he, his wife, and his family are very photogenic.

(“Shallow, empty, vain fraud”? Oh, you’re going to love four years of donald the chump.)


No president has better facial expressions than Trump - they’re the best!


I’m gonna miss this guy:

America’s Favorite Uncle.


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