"I am Skinny Santa" — Obama visits pre-K kids in Chicago (video)

Originally published at: Former President Obama surprises Chicago's Parkside Community Academy children as 'Skinny Santa,' reading stories and distributing gifts.


Good thing that other ex-President didn’t give it a go. Sure, he’s got the gut for the role but he’s not in the habit of giving things to people who have nothing to offer him in return and I’m not convinced he can actually read.


Obama is like the Keanu Reeves of Ex-presidents; only Keanu has less corpses against his name.

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As a committed trade unionist, social democrat, and a progressive, I gotta say that oftentimes I found Obama’s politics frustrating and often deeply cynical.

Fuck, was he ever so much better than what came next.

For all of their faults, at least Obama (and now Biden) have a dram of wit and an ounce of charm. That goes a long way to dulling the more punishing edges of the American political machine.


And what came before, for that matter.


He gives them all unsold Trump Ties for a tax write off.


And a few Trump Steaks for dinner.

Check the expiration dates, tell your parents to check the expiration dates, because some of those might still be good. Don’t eat the old ones.

What a mensch.

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Dear god. Best case they would be Trump jerky at this point…

Yeah, those kids would have been really un-enthused about getting rolls of paper towels.

It’s Christmas time
And the needles on the tree
A skinny Santa is bringing something to me
His voice is overwhelming
But his speech is slurred
And I only understand every other word

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