Prestigious Pets of Dallas wants $1M from customers who said they overfed a fish


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Duchouquette of Plano, TX

I can’t stop laughing, my lunch dessert pot brownie is not to blame.


They posted a one-star review, saying that while Prestigious Pets gave their two dogs “fine” care, they didn’t think the fish-care was up to snuff.

Overfeeding can easily kill a tankful of fish.

Up to snuff! Get it?



A quick Google search reveals at least one website dedicated to the Streisand Effect. Maybe we need a “Babs” award for the people who expose themselves to online ridicule and infamy in the most creative and/or deserving way.


Did they charge them with that crime? No? Well now they should. I imagine a conviction under that law would settle this defamation case fairly quickly.


“You’d think that what really damaged the reputation of the company was bringing the suit in the first place,” Paul Levy of Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group representing the Douchouquettes pro bono.


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