Price-drop for Makies, design-it-yourself 3D-printed dolls


The dolls do look charming and even cute. It would only cost me approximately $230 to have one made and shipped for my daughter. Sounds like a great deal, especially because 3-D printed items are always better (and better conversation pieces) than non 3-D printed items. Similar dolls I’ve been seeing in our local stores are in the $500-$900 range. So, $230 is a real deal


Yes, and at $230 the price is just about the cost of two meals I’ve seen in local restaurants. It’s practically a give-away.

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Are these meals you speak of 3D printed?
3D printed food is the wave of future kitchens everywhere.


Evil sexist big eyed pink wearing dolls.

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3D printed HELL! The price drop can only mean one thing:

They’ve learned how to breed.


I know it is simply a matter a aesthetics, but I find these little plastic people creepy as heck. Having said that, more power to a little company chasing their dream and going big time… until Dr Who finally catches up with the Nestene Consciousness and puts an end to these evil plans of world domination.

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I should marry a BoingBoing editor so I too can get free advertising on this site.


3-D printed meals are always better (and better conversation pieces)

As I understand it they only wear pink if the buyer designs them that way. There’s not even a single image of a pink-wearing doll on the homepage of their web site.

I’m mildly surprised they don’t have any “boy” options though. Even if they would account for a small percentage of overall sales it seems like it would be an easy option to add since each one is printed on demand anyway.

EDIT: I was wrong, they do make boy dolls. They just didn’t show any on their home page.

It’s not advertising when it’s a “shout out”


I, too, am just sick of the Boing Boing editors treating this place like it’s their own damn website.


I know! It’s outrageous!

Point well taken. (Damn dolls still creep me the fuck out, though.)

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Rob, the funny “it’s our website” attitude may have flown in 1998 or 2002 when few websites (and even probably Boing Boing) knew how to generate decent revenue from the huddled credit-card using masses. But of course, user targeted ad revenue for websites in 2013 is a different story

You guys may own the website, but it’s nothing without us, your visitors. It’s our cash that helps fuel the website to a large degree I’m sure… When there’s tacky, mainstream ads on the splash page for Big Macs or Carnival Cruises (who have had a few problems lately), it certainly makes me question the integrity of the rest of Boing Boing

Thing is, it’s not just a “funny attitude”: it’s the plain fact of the matter. That Boing Boing is our website, and that we’ve always posted about whatever we like–including our own projects, friends and family–is not likely to change. I want to be sympathetic, but we like the readership we’ve earned with that approach.

Ads: we’ve been carrying them for nearly a decade now. That’s not the pointiest arrow in the complaint quiver, I’m afraid!


From looking at the comments any time Makies are advertised, you’d think the dolls contained the actual souls of lost children.

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Since I’m already married, how do I make friends with someone at Boing Boing so I can get a bit of advertising? It’s much needed at the moment since I’m now stuck on a small piece of windswept rock in the North Atlantic.

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Thanks, I’d not seen “Alma” before.

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