Pride Hypocrisy, 2022 Tweets

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Boeing is immoral because their products, in addition to airliners, include warplanes? Is it immoral to join the military? I live in a country that has a military; is that wrong? Am I part of the problem, because I pay taxes?

This is some bullshit.


They’re immoral because they redesigned their planes in a way that involved significant changes but insisted that it would fly the same and included a feature that could cause the plane to crash if not used correctly and then refused to provide pilots with any kind of instruction or training on this, which resulted in two crashes costing hundreds of lives.


Now this (unlike the “it’s immoral to have a military” angle) makes sense. The way the airliner side of Boeing gambled lives to prop up their profits, leading to hundreds of deaths, and corruptly exploited the revolving door between them and the regulatory bodies that nominally watch over them, was simply evil.

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