Trump's former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has joined Boeing's Board of Directors

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Boeing: “Thanks Nikki for helping to get our union free shop set up in Charleston. BTW here’s a nice opportunity for you…”


“Well, Ms. Haley, given your experience of working for a large, disaster-prone organization whose flagship projects have a tendency to nosedive fatally shortly after launch, we think you’ll fit right in here at Boeing. Welcome aboard!”


I have an intense dislike for Boeing from when I had been a Department of Defense contract auditor. I am not legally saying I have ever audited the company’s defense contracts.

I’m just saying I fucking hate some of their unseen business practices, and considering the tactics I saw in that job, I am not surprised they would hire on this unethical bag of squirrels to their board of directors.

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A girls’ gotta eat ya know.

Shrewd move. Now, no matter how horrifically incompetent Boeing was in the 737MAX fiasco, they’ll never lose a dime of gov’t contracts. Because corruption.


I guess there’s still an American Dream.

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Well, if there is it must be happening in other parts of that continent (though it is hard to say where) given the nightmare timeline currently evidenced by the United States thereof.

From now on, all Boeing airliners will only come with a right wing.


It’ll keep them from drawing dicks in the skies.

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I never said it was available to the majority of us. Just that it’s still available to some in the upper tax brackets and better neighborhoods. People who are connected.

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Congrats, Boeing Boeing!

Or, you meant… oh.

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Safety optional

When Boeing began delivering its 737 Max to customers in 2017, the company believed that a key cockpit warning light was a standard feature in all of the new jets.

But months after the planes were flying, company engineers realized that the warning light worked only on planes whose customers had bought a different, optional indicator.

In essence, that meant a safety feature that Boeing thought was standard was actually a premium add-on.

best quote

Mr. Tajer, who is also a 737 pilot, said he was concerned that Boeing did not seem to fully grasp how every aspect of the Max worked.

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