Prince Charles’ love child, Jack Ruby’s faked murder, and Jennifer Aniston’s shattered world, in this week’s tabloids

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The sleazy hook-ups, blazing rows and secret love child of Britain’s Royals, in this week’s tabloids

I saw the Jennifer Aniston’s “shattered" headline at the grocery store and wondered what it could be. Just not enough to buy the magazine or even read it while waiting to check out.

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Please put these behind a read more cut. Please. I’m begging y’all.


Wait a minute has @beschizza been behind these posts all along?


No, I just misposted it under my own name (the default when logging into the CMS) as Peter submits via email. Fixed immediately, but BBS tells the tale!


@beschizza’s top secret tabloid ring!, in next week’s tabliods…:rofl:


Your stupid enough to believe this crap.your life is run by trash.

Best investigative reporting on the planet. Read the ‘’ New York Times’’ if you want. They get lucky sometimes.

Even the most lie-filled piece of propaganda can tell you a lot about who made it and who it is aimed at.

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