The Queen’s Nazi shame, JonBenet’s killer found, and Owen Wilson’s baby mama revealed, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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@beschizza you posted this one as yourself…


I don’t understand how these papers get away with the things they do. Every single front page has lies about real live people, all of which could be fought as libel claims.

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You can’t fool me… 7/11 is tomorrow…


Sounds like they’re just repeating known things about Owen Wilson. He did knock up a woman a few years back while vacationing near where I live.

But he knew about it. Never denied it. And has been helping to take care of both her and the kid. Though they are not together.

She doesn’t live near here anymore. Though she was a local. He still vacations here. Both nice people and there wasn’t much scandal about it aside from some local gossip.

And the Queen’s nazi salute is basically a case of a fascist uncle who thinks it’s funny to get young relatives to do fascist stuff when they don’t know any better.


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