Prince Harry begs forgiveness, the Queen shops Prince Andrew to the Feds, and Kirstie Alley’s secret life, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Like sands through an hourglass are the days of Royal lives, as this week’s tabloids continue the gripping saga of the bold and the beautiful behind palace doors.

Oh! They forgot to tell you. We’re not doing these anymore.


I think the real Royal story this week is that Autumn Kelley and Peter Phillips are getting a divorce. She’s local, they met at a car racing event. He’s Princess Anne’s son.

Good thing they switched from Roman Catholic to Anglican, it makes divorce so much easier.

FFS. I’ve attached below a link to the British Royal Family Tree. You’ll notice that there are a TON of people on it below Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II who’s names people don’t really recognize.

Once a generation, the younger siblings to the person who would be King step out of the limelight as their chances of becoming ruler slip away from them. At this point, he would have to loose his grandmother, father, brother, and all three of his nephews and nieces to rule the kingdom.

He’s actually negotiating a lot more visible and public life than normal for himself; and he’s maintaining a lot more power than normal; although none of it is formal. He’s doing a good job for himself, and I think it will help the royal family, particularly in visibility in Canada.

I meant we’re not doing these tabloid roundups, cause they have nothing to do with the Boing Boing purview.


How about we do not do them anymore because they give oxygen to AMI publications, which are big parts of the gaslighting of America. They are dis information rags working in conjunction with fascists.


Roger That!


I want to see the article about the dirt they must have on Peter Sheridan that compels him to continue to promote this trash.

Maybe this is why cory has been MIA recently. He hasn’t posted anything since feb 3rd but still very active on twitter. :thinking:

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Between these tabloid headlines and the boingboing shop headlines my bb feed is becoming increasingly diluted. Perhaps we should have more feed options to filter out this crap.

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