Princess Diana’s killer found (yet again) and Epstein scandal blackmail, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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“Shocking charge blows lid off 22-year cover-up” screams the cover of this week’s National Enquirer. “Diana’s Killer Found!”

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Can someone please explain what the purpose of a tabloid feature is on this site? Only stupid, gullible people who believe anything read them. I really thought such crap wouldn’t come here


Please lower your standards.


…as we’ve lowered ours.


Artifacts for the future.


I’ve been saying the same for years now.

In the very least, please clip the posts on the blog feed with a [more] button, like nearly every other post on the site.

…lest we all continue to be waterboarded by garbage tabloid propaganda (on the site most likely to recognize it for what it is, no less!)

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I’m fine with lightening up, I’m often too serious some argue, but I never lower my standards. For anyone.

If you guys can have serious discussions about nuances of politics and social justice and such on bbs, and expect people to take that seriously, its kind of hard to do that when people play into the very tabloid idocy so often decried here.

It’s not for me. I ignore this crap

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Is it just me, or does that Princess Di mural bear a striking resemblance to Monkey Jesus?


So, your standard for ignoring something is making no more than two posts about it, tops. Correct?

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:slight_smile: i speak no english, just that and this sentence explaining this. Yes


I quite like this crap – it helps me understand what sort of reality we’re contemplating when we read elsewhere, for example, that the proprietor of the Enquirer is a staunch ally of the President.

Did I say ‘reality’? I meant ‘dystopian horror’.

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