Pro-tar-sands activists say dirty Canadian oil is better because "lesbians are hot"


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Of course they’re hot. It’s summer.

We don’t actually live in igloos the whole year round, you know (just in winter).


You could also just go with solar/wind/water/biofuel and then those lebsians being covered in oil would be an opt-in kind of thing.


In defense of Alberta, at least our brand of stupidity doesn’t result in a huge number of firearm deaths, race riots, a hobbled medical system, or republican voters.

The transgender bathroom protest stuff is getting a bit annoying though.


Jeebus. It would take me a long time to count the ways that ad reaches Abominable Shitstorm level.


Dear Canada:

Those are not lesbians in your porn. Those are actresses. And they’re probably lefties who don’t like tar sands.

Love, the Internet.



You know, I am not even mad. I mean, this is just amazing. It manages to take three important subjects (Canadian Tar Sands Oil, Dependency on Foriegn oil, and Human rights in the Middle East) and dumb it down to 'America, Fuck yeah!" levels.

These guys HAVE to be the target audience, and I am 100% sure after reading this they are all for hot lesbians, I mean Tar Sand oil.


In Alberta’s defense, you just have to travel one province over to experience real beauty.

Visit Saskatchewan.


I-I mean…they’re technically not wrong.

Well, except that thing about lesbian porn being one of the biggest searches in Saudi Arabia if I recall; can’t find the data right now though.




Ah! Trump voters!


Nice use of the Chewbacca defense.


This is a variation on the logic Trump has used: LGBT voters should support me because I will keep evil radical Islam out of the country.


The funny part is: the Boys all consistently vote for and campaign for the NDP.


I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity and WTFness at this. On the other hand, how is this an actual thing and not something someone threw together on Reddit as a joke?

I can think of a thousand different completely nonsequitir “In place #1 noun #1 is adjective. In place #2 if noun #1 awfulness. Why are we noun #2 from countries that don’t noun #1?” examples that make about as much sense as this ad campaign.


To be fair, some lesbians are indeed hot.

Some are very much not hot, just like the rest of the general population.


I thought Canada only had hot lesbians.



And then he chooses an intensely anti-LGBT running mate. I think that makes your comparison even more powerful.