"Probably a lot of pot smoking at Twitter," says entrepreneur who dreams of floating libertarian island


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Pot smoking? Surely, but the question of the day: Why are the grapes so sour?


Not surprised to hear than from him seeing how the preferred drug of choice of wall streeters is cocaine


“The management can be B+. Maybe some people come in at 10:30 and leave at 5 p.m.,” he said. “It feels like it’s vastly underperforming its potential.”

In other news, Peter Thiel is a cock.


Peter Thiel is being ridden.

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The main problem with the whole “floating libertarian island that will stay way away from everyone else” is that they haven’t actually done it.


What’s the point of living on Libertarian Island if people still give you a hard time for smoking pot?


I am Peter Thiel, and I’m here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the toke off his joint? “No,” says the man in Washington, “it belongs to the poor.” “No,” says the man in the Vatican, “it belongs to God.” “No,” says the man in Moscow, “it belongs to everyone.” I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible."


I now have to remind myself that Peter Thiel is not actually Christopher Evan Welch so there is no real-life reason to find people like that endearing.

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It will be Lord of the Flies, but with luxury villas.


I guess the answer would be “get your own island, you lazy good for nothing”.

Sour grapes thrive in the rich, loamy muck of the human soul.

Sprinkle that loamy muck with water of avarice, and you’ve got yourself a vineyard of spleen!

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That sounds like too much work. Let’s just go to Jamaica.

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Build that damn floating island.

I want to see how many months before that goes down to the bottom.

Then I can point out the libertariatards just how stupid unworkable their philosophy is.

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