Professional fort builder: Jay Nelson

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So no pillow work at all? Psshh, calls himself a fortmaker…

Jk. This guys stuff is beautiful, and totally polygonal*, dude

*let’s all just pretend this was a popular slang from the 80s, a-la “tubular”…


Yes, it’s hard to beat the timeless classic architecture of sofa, chair and blanket.

Kids today.


Hooray for treehouses! But only when they do not nail into the tree. Only losers nail into trees. I never nail into trees.

That’s the top end of a 12 foot ladder in the foreground…


I’d love to know how he gets all those polygons to fit so well together? His process must be amazing (cardboard). I love the Dymaxium look of that electric camper! His web site is full of win.

Our innovative sheet and bulldog clip pillow forts saw my kids thru the early years. Some days I want to make one while the kids are at school and have them come home to me hanging out in the fort w the dog, mb a book and a cup of tea.

You know, for kids!

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