How to make an epic pillow fort


Wonderful thing! Especially liked the art.

Of course, there is a delta between an architect’s vision and what a builder must face on the site; and having been a contractor I am more utilitarian in my approach to forts.

I have installed hooks on the walls at various (safe) locations and have a dedicated chest in the living room with all our old sheets. I grommet the sheets in various places, and the kids use balast and furniture to make the various ‘rooms’ Flashlights are kept in the same chest.

Also essential are binder clips (coincidentally the same make and model as the ones from work). We use these to hold the sheets together across seams.


I used to build some epic ones… Nice stiff sofa/chair cushions made it easy.
My favorite thing (especially in the summer) was to put a fan tunnel at one end.

Of course, being a farm boy, pilow-forts were just practice runs for epic hay bale forts…


Of course, it can all turn to madness so quickly…

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Next, how to build a “No Gurlz” sign.

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Epic? Those are pretty basic designs.

I am particularly grateful to the mother of one friend – recently divorced and thus back in the workforce in the mid-1960’s with 3 kids to raise, so it’s not like she had a lot of time and energy to spare – who calmly allowed us to spend all afternoon creating forts that stretched through several rooms of their apartment and included the baby grand piano.

Now those were epic!


Sounds like she had a wilder imagination than you did, thinking what you might be doing if not occupied with the forts. And she knew that once you were taking refuge behind the baby grand, it was game over for you.

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