Professor rating site finally drops creepy "hotness" rating


I’ve always found that a somewhat annoying and selective application of rules. The culinary and legal distinctions between fruits and vegetables (as well as nuts and grains) predate modern botanical definitions of a fruit to be plant ovaries. And if you want to go with a modern scientific definition, all fruits are vegetables


Not everyone seems aware that this site is not affiliated with universities–whose teacher ratings are usually based on validated methods, and are often kept private and used for purposes of tenure, promotion, and formative evaluation of classes. Regardless of who gives them, they are all pretty terrible measures for teaching effectiveness and learning anyway. At conferences with faculty peers, I don’t ever remember having a conversation about our ratemyprofessors ratings,other than living in fear about reputations passed down by anonymous internet people who may not even have taken the class. It is sort of the place that students who feel they got screwed over on a grade go to complain and try to get back at a professor, and we get evaluated so often through other means that probably many professors never check there. On the other hand, we could spend hours every week looking at H-factors and citation counts.


Fair enough!


i remember during the 80s when i was in college off and on, there were about 4 professors i knew of personally who would pick a girlfriend for the next year or so from their graduate classes in the fall term. the ones who waited until they had finished the class before they started hitting on them were given kudos for their “ethics.” meanwhile the graduate students working as teaching assistants would often do the same from the undergraduate classes they taught. none of this was considered out of line by any of the powers that be at the time. it made me wonder at times if the deans and regents took their pick of the professors.

a similar situation existed at the resort i worked at in colorado in the early 90s between the senior people in each department and the seasonal workers (generally 18-21 years of age). if anything that was even creepier than at college because there were only about 10 weeks so there was a tendency for senior staff to go through as many of the seasonals as possible in the time available. the department i ran was unusual in that i wouldn’t have put up with that even if anybody in the housekeeping staff wanted to fuck their way through the seasonal staff.




Another savory fruit fan, are you?


Chili on everything!




Even cold breakfast cereal or on ice cream?


(I’ll pass.)


Chilis in dark chocolate is wonderful. I can see a similar flavor sensation in chocolate ice cream. I understand it’s not for everyone, though.

My limit is Masala lemonade.


Chilli chocolate ice cream is my absolute favorite, especially if it also includes cinnamon.

Although I really wouldn’t want chunks in it, it’s got to be fully Incorporated in the ice cream when it’s made.


I’m also not a fan of dark chocolate, so that combo isn’t for me.

That sounds like that ‘master cleanse’ fad people were doing a few years back.


I dunno about that. I had it at a Pizza Hut in Chennai.

But I bet if you drink a lot of it, it will definitely clean you out.



Makes me wonder if there’s cardamom ice cream…just checked, most of the search results are recipes, not products for sale, but it’s a thing. I like cardamom (or kororima) in my coffee.


Especially with chocolate!


Naia in Berkeley did it, along with saffron and black sesame. Got all three together in a bowl one time.

Not recommended, but individually they might have been good.


I dunno… my first thought was that since people are generally pretty bad at dispassionate judgements, you could assume that there’s a strong likelihood the ratings for competence are unfairly skewed in favour of the more attractive lecturers, and take those ratings with a grain of salt.

But yeah, it is pretty sleazy.


The chili rating was the second-dumbest thing about Rate My Professor. The first thing was and remains the student evaluations. Three of the teachers who had the biggest effect on my education (two of them with international-level accomplishments) got mediocre-to-negative scores–too dull, too demanding. Other teachers that I knew personally and professionally also got dinged for the same reasons.


There is. It’s delicious. Greg’s Ice Cream makes it (if you’re in Toronto)