Profile of Aeropress and Aerobie inventor Alan Adler


He was originally trying to invent the ‘senso-rings’


I ordered through your referrer.

Did not read the fine article here or at but their comments are educational, as can often be the case.

I would pay more for glass.

Follow opensaber’s link, very good.

I have an aeropress, Haro ceramic grinder, a small frothing pitcher, and pocket thermometer.
While there are lighter alternatives the above means you can turn even mediocre beans or ground into good coffee.
If traveling you can assess available bean or grind by sniffing and then if I like tasting a bit, no crime in chomping a whole roasted bean, if you need to soften the flavor eat a bean with a bit of good dark chocolate. A sniff will help avoid stale bitter beans. It is possible to roast your own green coffee beans though that takes both time and more room than I want here.
If grinding I take one (included Aeropress)scoop of espresso beans per cup, don’t try to do more, the coffee suffers even if there appears to be room. Ground coffee goes into the press inverted then I add ~250ml water at 165-175F(I have a US thermometer and recipe) for 10 sec before beginning to press, that should take about 20-30 sec. Add hot water, sugar, milk, or cream as you like.
Eject the puck of grounds into an appropriate place to biodegrade, rinse under tap.
I use an Able fine reusable stainless filter though Alan Adler will not make an aeropress with one because of the cafesterol which raises human cholesterol levels but which is caught by the paper filter.

Aeropress coffee is great for people who otherwise have given up coffee due to acid burn, it is super mellow even with cheap coffee but can be very caffinated; it does use a lot of coffee though. I once heard it described as making coffee which captures the potential of the amazing aroma of most ground roasted coffee.


proud owner of several aerobise, aerobie discs, and much later in life an aeropress.

this guy is a modern edison.

The first Aerobie disks suffered from a flaw. Eventually the little rubber edge would come off exposing a band of sharp metal that would make 007’s “Odd Job” proud in it’s slicing abilities.

I don’t know if that’s been corrected in later version, anyone?

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