Alan Adler, inventor of the AeroPress (and the Aerobie!)


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I think I first became interested in the AeroPress (on my second cup of the day right now) specially because it was made by the frisbee guy.


I use my AeroPress almost every day, in combination with a stainless-steel mesh filter. I love the body of French Press coffee, but find cleanup to be a hassle. AeroPress + mesh filter gives me as good, or better, results with much easier cleanup.

The Aeropress has saved me from bad work coffee. I keep a small tin of beans I ground within the last 48 hours in my backpack, and the only other thing I need is a kettle. Access to a sink is nice, but not critical.

The best thing is that it isn’t even a substitute for good coffee when you are away from home: it stands on its own. I will keep using the cheap espresso machine I have until it breaks, mostly for variety. (And the ChemX is when we have more than a few people over!)

You could go even more minimal: lose the kettle for an immersion heater.

“I had no idea that the inventor, Alan Adler, 76, also created the Aerobie flying disc”

Flashback from last year:

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Hah! Poor Pesco! Wait until he finds out that Alan also founded Aeroflot.

Wait, Aeroflot have good coffee?

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