Programmable magnets are incredibly cool

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I can’t wait for the over unity people to get their hands on this. It’s going to make TimeCube look like TimeRube.


I ordered two each of the pairs of springs and latches last night! We’re going to have fun with them at work!


They’re only $7.50 each by the way! EDIT: that’s for a pair of magnets, not just one


The company – originally named Correlated Magnetics Research – won a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for this concept back in 2010. The inventor described it as being similar to the signal processing CDMA concept employed by cell phones, translated to the signal in space of a magnetic array. Awesome to see that they’re churning out things that I can finally play with seriously experiment with.


Well, I might as well be the one.


Huntsville, AL is the home to part of NASA. There is some great engineering going on there as a result of the brain power that has been attracted there. A friend of mine is involved in the Open Huntsville project which gives the talent in Huntsville a place to showcase themselves.



Someone call the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.


I believe Destin (the guy who made the video) is a civilian engineer at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville.

Yep, they are in Huntsville!!!

I’m really impressed.

They’ve already finished mine!!!

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I had to…



they have one of the magnet printers at techshop in san francisco. i think it’s the only one outside of huntsville. it is just as amazing as it seems.


Magnetism is way cool, man.

Man taught me that.

Pretty sure that’s an actual Rubik’s-Spectrum Tchotchke. As well as a William S. Burroughs thing with 4D bleed as the major safety issue.

Somehow haven’t glommed on to yet, and the ‘working temperatures’ are 80-200 degrees Celcius (see their FAQ) but there’s nothing about how long they go between magnetic orientations (reprogramming, as it were. Could be 10 years, could be more. I want it to be 3 generations of phone data signal constellation (5G etc.) or so…) Future people can swap in new fun organs every renewal… (Future people who are 10s are going to have that as their specific gravity for that to be consistently so. S’probably in the hundred patents.)

Also disorientingly, there is no flat price given to convert a trampoline gym into a danger room full of sprung mountpoints. Low hanging fruit, Alabama? (Well…not looking for peaches yet, but you know.)

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I was hoping that had something to do with Minecraft and/or the Football Club, but, sadly, no.

Wondering what this portends for guitar pickups.

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