Progressbar, a short film


(chuckles) :slight_smile:

I particularly enjoyed watching the progress bar of the video as I watched the video itself.


Whenever I defrag a drive I’ll sit and watch the progress bar way longer than I should. It’s oddly soothing.

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I know. It’s so meta. I was wondering when the real progress bar was going to catch up with the animated progress bar, but they never actually joined.


I thought it was going to use the actual progress bar as part of the animation.

It missed that one half step towards genius: like so many of the progress bars I’ve watch recently while setting up a Linux file-server, it should stop without finishing.

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Heh, my video got stuck while watching this. :smiley:

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Reminds me of Gauge by Game Atelier for iOS. Trippy game where you control a progress bar type thing.

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