Projecting leaked NSA docs on the side of AT&T's windowless NYC spy-center


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Now, that is clever.


Didn’t Occupy do something similar? I think there was maybe a bridge involved?


I want a Fallout game set in NYC just to see what Bethesda would do with retro-future-ing the inside of that.


Wow, straight out of pirate cinema. :sunglasses:


According to this inexplicably time displaced strategy guide I have, “This location is the best source of vacuum tubes and telephones for crafting in the game.” And “Beware of the Protectrons in the lobby, they are set to ‘Stop and frisk’ mode and will attack without provocation.” Sadly no good pictures, though.


Previous debunked.


I’ve heard that these were the POTS trunks and now peering locations.


Oh wow, that’s the EvilCorp data center from Mr Robot. No idea they picked the building so inauspiciously.


Hmm. Projecting onto buildings. Reminds me of a certain book of yours, Cory!


As someone who used to live on Thomas near West Broadway, I find it odd that the function of 33 Thomas Street is now newsworthy. It was very common knowledge that it was a big telecom switch and most probably used by eavesdropping spies back in the late '90s. You’ve got nearly every federal spy agency and the NYPD in nearby City Center. We didn’t have the Snowden disclosures to verify the extent and nature of the spying going on there, but even back then rumors were rampant enough to be cocktail party chatter.

Here’s a hot tip for those who consider this a big story: 375 Pearl Street.


Cory’s weakest book…





Reading through the thread you linked to, I don’t see much evidence that this isn’t Titanpointe, now you can argue that it’s not significant in comparison to the Utah facility, but this building matches the NSA documents pretty well. It’s not super-nefarious only in the sense that we don’t see every element of the surveillance apparatus as super-nefarious, hell, many people have ignored or accepted the implications of a US spying operation that targets the global public en mass. To some it even gives them a feeling of safety and security, despite the fact that it gives them little safety if any and often undercuts their security. We got a breather from some aspects of the program in the past year or so, but that breath may seep like a last gasp before the plunge we now face.

The longer this program runs, the more this archive grows, the more dangerous it is to freedom. We should rail against at every opportunity, every day we should if nothing else, know that it is wrong, because as soon as we forget that this is injustice, we fail all those who will live in the shadow of what we have allowed to be built, because we have allowed it to become, just the way it is. We must kick and scream and fight to stay awake in spite of the desire to sleep, to hope this just goes away, we must save ourselves and each other. We have to care enough to try, we should pursue the avenues of power and dare to run for mayor, for supervisor, for congressman, in spite of the trials we face we must not allow this to continue. Corporations and Governments must be made to answer to the public that created them.


OT1H “fair nuff” but OTOH the linked article at Intercept doesn’t prove this building is related to ALPHABET SOUP either. Lots of inferring and spooky language but that’s it. One can either buy the pig in a poke or not. The cat is dead or alive.

I won’t get into the question of what is right and what “kids on the playground know is true since the 60s” (to paraphrase William Gibson). The quickly becomes a no win religious debate. But I will call out alarmism & hyperbole.


Indeed it is.


Pretty cool house though. In a Blade Runner way.


Nahh i disagree, i loved it. I’ve only read it once when it came out but it’s still vivid in my memory; i must do a reread once i get through dune.


My main realization reading it is that almost all of Cory’s characters have the same “voice.”

Also, he certainly glossed over all of the bad things that would actually happen to a completely inexperienced runaway from the hinterlands that showed up to London, begged, and then squatted. It struck me as rather idealized and anti-gritty/realisitic.