Prominent politicians and negotiators in poor countries speak out against TPP


TPP is going to be bad in a whole lot of ways. The aspect that I’m interested in is the food safety one. Imagine if the lax food safety laws of China becomes the standard. And we know how great that turned out for 300,000 Chinese babies. When China sells food via Vietnam to get around our food safety rules under the TPP there is nothing we can do about it.

If there is a problem, say that we want the food to be safe they can take the case to tribunal of unelected UN lawyers. And if we lose the US Supreme court has no say. The TPP will force US taxpayers to pay companies that expected to make money selling cheap untested food in the US. If we reject imported food because it was inspected by the USDA, we will have to pay them all the money they might have made from selling it to us. It’s a brilliant scam!

who makes out? The transnational billionaire companies who want the US to give up their precious health and safety laws so they can make a few more bucks.


“mandatory border-searches of laptops and phones for pirated music and movies;”

Um… I have a hard time believing this one… no planeload of passengers would ever make it over the border.

it is ok the NSA will do a pre-search to speed things up

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Your socks have holes in them and I can see your fingers moving.

Who will save the world from US cultural imperialism and the export of US laws and lawyers to the rest of the world? The Mighty Groundhogs!

Spot checks. Filter out the young.

(First we got took their education. Then we took away their jobs. Now, their music. And laptops. And smart phones. And intern prospects. Maybe a little more of their hopes and dreams. (We keep them in a jar in the cellar.) Fuckin’ kids.)

Spot checks in the draft I could believe.
What I was saying, was spot checks are not the same as mandatory checks.
Mandatory checks would mean everybody, every time.

OK, That makes sense. If they’re tracking all activity, then they already KNOW whom to search, so that would speed things up a bit.
Thanks for clarifying.

The prospect of TPP is frightening. Almost a decade ago I watched a PBS documentary about a country In Africa where the leaders had sold “the water” to a French Corporation, obviously for profit. Our access to natural gas, oil, etc. are being sold to multinational corporations as I type. Prices on these “commodities” will not decline but will increase based solely on the next quarterly profit and annual bonus expected by the top guns of said corporation. When will the top 1% understand that hungry people without hope are dangerous people? I’m afraid, not for a very, very long time.

The one I remember is this segment from The Corporation about Bolivia’s water supply being privatized. Edit: I’d forgotten that it shows the wounds of protesters as well as a dead kid who had been shot by the cops. That stuff isn’t until near the end of the segment.

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