Proposed update for Mac OS beach ball of death


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My suggestions:


As of OSX it’s not a beach ball, it’s a laser disc (inherited from NeXT)


Why not Jobs spinning in his grave?




But which way is he spinning?



Mods, my last two posts show as edited even though I didn’t edit them. What’s up?


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That I cannot answer. Perhaps @codinghorror knows.


Hotlink downloading to local server?


Did you upload an image or just paste a URL?
If the latter, then it is the system slurping the image from the site into the BBS and updating to a local link.


Ah, that makes sense then. I’m just slapping a hotlink straight to the image in there. Interesting that showing as an edit is the end result.


CCW until I look away for a bit and then the other way.


So its Schrodinger’s Steve Jobs? :smiley:



Click on the edit indicator (pencil in the upper right of the post) to expand the edit and you’ll see

downloaded local copies of images – system user

You can’t view edits to other people’s posts because … reasons that I don’t agree with, and I still disagree strongly with … but you should be able to view edits on your own posts. Just click (or tap) the pencil at the upper right.


I see that you’re right. Thanks for the tip.


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