Protestors flood the Tennessee Capitol demanding gun control: "Children are dead!"

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Tennessee Republicans: “It’s true, something must be done!” (bans protestors on Capitol grounds)




Right wingers suck.


Anybody think school children could pick a common sense gun law or two and then go on strike until those specific bills are passed? Not a small ask, but could it work?


I still can’t believe Sandy Hook wasn’t the end of this. If that didn’t move the needle, I can’t imagine what would.

Stay safe and keeping fighting, American friends. You have a great country except for a few things like this. :confused:


Sandy Hook was when a frighteningly large number of Americans decided children’s live don’t matter.


To borrow an idea from a friend, when they say “now is not the time to talk about gun laws, it’s too soon after the shooting”, you just tell them to set a date when it will be OK to discuss gun laws, maybe in two months.

Because you just know there will be another shooting before then, several even, and they can try and push it off again because once again “it’s too soon after the shooting.”


Two months? There were 51 school shootings last year. That’s one a week.

Btw that’s 51 school shootings out of 647 mass shootings last year, which would be 1.7 a day



It was quite a shock, watching from abroad, to see that no amount of dead children is apparently enough to make the gun freaks to even begin to consider some limits.


They could just ban school. Just have every kid show up at the town hall on their tenth birthday to receive their gun, flag and bible. What more could they need?



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What right wing propaganda outlet is that from, BTW?


Daily Heil


“There’s not a whole heck of a lot you can do about it”, so he’d be cool with defunding the police and spending that on healthcare including mental health care? Just because you could do a whole heck of a lot with the copper money there.

Would also probably drop the number of shooters, but let’s keep that between ourselves shall we?


But there’s another more pernicious layer, beyond just a long game to end public education and push families toward home-schooling and religious charter schools. This further wrinkle is deeply connected to the war on women and girls that is now playing out grimly and purposefully around the country. The aims are actually the same when tween girls in Florida can be barred from mentioning their periods while also being abandoned to the whims of a mass shooter: that is to ultimately return women and girls to what the Christian nationalist movement views as their rightful place, the home. Hence the proposed laws that teachers should use pronouns that correspond with a student’s gender assigned at birth, bans on abortion and birth control, bans on sex education, and the absence of any safety nets for when those children are born, all of which will inexorably result in more young women finding themselves pregnant, poor, and consigned to taking care of babies. This, too, was always the long game. As Tressie McMillan Cottom tweeted this week in response to Burchett’s home-schooling comment: “In case you haven’t completely guessed the Republican game, their school shooting solution is women. At home. In the private sphere. And charters but mostly women at home. It’s all reproductive justice.” The more you think about the response of social conservatives to mass shootings in school, the more you come to realize that the creeping vibe here is that young women of childbearing age don’t really belong in public schools in the first place, and that to the extent that they are there, they’re only really welcome until it’s time to be re-confined to the home.


Wrong tactic. Too many working class parents depend on school as daycare. It also doesn’t deprive TPTB of anything.

Better would be to march with children in wealthy neighborhoods and block traffic. Cause priviledged people inconvenience and you’ll get action.


yup. it’s not just about nra money. it’s an ideological perspective that skews common sense. for any given issue, you can boil their viewpoint down to: does it support a gilead or not?

mass murder can’t be about guns because it has to be about morals. keeping kids safe can’t be banning guns, because kids should be at home or in church anyway

( they’ll happily take the nra money of course. it’s only corruption when bad people do it )

the kids in florida were amazingly organized. and they’re still going strong. it takes policy changes though. and there’s very little politically that’ll change any republican positions

right now the best route seems to be prosecute them for the laws they’ve broken, and raise hell to keep awareness up until the next election ( just my two cents though. ive really got no idea what’s going to work )


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