Protestors use laser pointers to bring down police drone

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That’s pretty punk :sunglasses:


That’s pretty cyberpunk


I’m guessing that there’s somewhere on the Web where people are sharing information about how this works, why, and how to help out. There are a LOT of people there with laser pointers or whatever it is they are pointing at the drone. I would love to find those webpages and translate them into other languages for other communities (assuming that the originals are in Spanish or English).


I guess it was a controlled descent. Here’s video:


It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. Also, how did they know it was a police drone?


But it isn’t either fun nor a game.


What does that mean? It sounds like the person flying the drone decided to land it. Was it even a police drone? Did the lasers do anything other than blind the camera?



You’re right.


it was carrying/transporting donuts.


“The street always loses.” — Ratel

Honestly poor choice of words refering to a country where policie brutallity has caused over 200 eye losses in little over 20 days.


So, when BB finally decides to share something about the struggle in Chile it’s a weird almost funny sotry about how laser pointers bring down a drone… not about the HUGE human right violations, not about millions of people protesting for over 20 days agains neoliberalism and the leftovers of Pinochet’s dictatorship, not about the over 200 cases of people losing an eye due to police brutallity, not the illegar state of constitutional exeption and curfew we had to endure before the president (who said he was at war with a powerful enemy) took it back, not about the horrible cases of abuse that were presented by human rights organizations before the Interamerican Human Rights Commission in Quito (by the way, it was in Quito, because the Chilean president wouldn’t recieve the commission’s envoys here), not even about how arround the world people have been sending Chile their support flashmobbing in Stockholm, projecting data on the wals of Berlin and the Hôtel de Ville in Paris.

AWhat do you really stand for BB? Or are you, like we say in Chile “made out of cardboard”?


It’s possible that that many lasers, over that period of time could permanently burn out the drone’s cameras.

That’s what I thought - the drone may have suffered damage, or it was clear that the pilot would continue to be unable to see anything except a white screen, so rather than have it crash into something innocent (like a kid) they keep it in place and descend. Looks like they either tried twice before getting it down, or descended / ascended twice to warn the crowd it was coming.

The one big ascent is interesting though - could have flown away, but I’m guessing the camera was damaged so they had no visibility.

I’m not saying they’re nice - I’m saying the pilot themself determined the best way to handle it was to safely scuttle the thing.

But the fact remains: the crowd’s lasers caused it to come down and cease activity.

Taking out a drone is great, but frankly I’d be worried about the other tools at their disposal.

Not quite a Tank, but luckly they didn’t attack us with those… yet.

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