Watch: video of man arrested for aiming laser pointer at aircraft

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Florida man is up to his shenanigans, again.


He’s practicing for when Space Force recruitment begins.


Interesting that “Point laser” is actually a chargeable offense now.


Well blinding pilots on landing approach is not something to let the assholes get away with.


“You’ll put an eye out with that thing.” Listen to your mom.

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No argument there! I thought they might categorize it as “assault”, or some such thing.


That it’s specific to pilots might be an artifact of laser sights on guns – I don’t think the intention is to broadly ban painting people with a laser in a way that that itself is assault/battery – but rather limiting it to a specific case.

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The other thing that I find interesting is the time it takes law enforcement and law makers to recognize and categorize new crimes like this, or cyber stalking, cyber bullying and revenge porn, among others.

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How are lasers powerfull enough to blind a pilot flying 100s of people legal? Or is it just a regular laser?

From the photo, I’d have guessed he was just trying to phone home.

Where have you been for the last 20 years? Cause that is how long green lasers have been available. And yes they are that powerful.
You can get stuff that will pop a balloon at close range now.


I don’t understand the “resisting arrest without physical violence” charge. The bastard swung a hammer at deputies. I’m guessing he was seriously fucked up at the time and the Officers found him amusing.

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