PSAs for movie theatre jerks from a century ago




Sadly the rules weren’t all quite so charming.


“You wouldn’t steal a magic lantern.
Making sketches of films is stealing,
stealing is against the law,


The idiotic thing is the balcony seats seem to be the best, although I’ve never been in a theater with a balcony. And it should go without saying that no one should be told where to sit.


but seriously, ladies. remove your hats.


Hats were bigger then. Especially ladies’ hats.


I’m not listening to you crazy Anti-Hat Warriors. #theatregate


I thought the jerk was the guy that sold you your soda?

The hats were annoying, yes. But it was the people sending the wires that used to really annoy me.


I’m afraid to ask but what else one could applaud with than hands?


Ah, the days before question marks were invented.


  1. This was the days before A/C, and heat goes up. Pack a few hundred people in an old movie theater on a warm day and the upper balcony feels like a sauna.
  2. Balcony seats only give you a better view in venues which were designed to afford balcony seating a better view.


Hipsters, please remove your beards.

And no fucking vaping either.


Pretty sure assholes predate agriculture, never mind the movies.


I slow clap your correct spelling of theatre.


Balcony seats were great. Especially great for matinees when you were a goofy kid with your brainless buddies cause you could throw stuff on people below or make fake gag and puke noises. Ya really got your money’s worth at 10 cents a kid back in the day, cliff hanger serials, great cartoons and still a few "educational shorts’ and news reels in the mid to late 50’s.


Clearly a feminine form of the word “theater” which used to be “themanter” before the feminists burned letters off with their bras in the sixties.



Oh. I assumed she was referring to a re-gating of the at, presumably the one on er ead.


Okay, I had to reread that. Well played :smiley:


I think they were referring to loud whistling and the stomping of feet.