Puddles' cover of REM's 'Everybody Hurts' may make you cry

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I’m hurting Right Now. Just kidding, no boo boo’s over here!


Puddles always does a great job. Song apropos for the current usa period.


Not for nothing, this came out the day Atlanta lost Hank Aaron. Thanks Puddles.

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Thanks for sharing!

So let me pay it forward with the original - live in front of 150,000.

We will never know if Michael Stipe forgot where the mic was at the end - but this is my favourite version :slight_smile:


How do you think he keeps that little crown attached? Probably glue, but on top of all that makeup/greasepaint?

I prefer the rendition by Father Ray Kelly, 2018 Britain’s Got Talent. on UTube 15million views! " methinks, 'tis that Irish touch; a wee bit of melancholy, that they exploit so well! As I totter toward my 86th year bloody but unbowed, I can certainly relate to the sympathies expressed and keep on, “keeping on” It has been worth the effort!!


I think I can see a narrow strap

he also took his earphones out, so maybe he wanted to hear the crowd.

Uh, CLOWN ALERT! Danke but nein danke

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