Pumping electric current through pencil graphite - ouch


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How is he still alive?


His videos reliably pull me out of depression.


This is his shtick; electronic pratfalls for a laugh.

However, he’s actually very good at what he does, and clearly knows the dangers involved. I have no doubt he’s receiving minor injuries regularly (look at his other videos), but he’s smart enough to avoid a real major catastrophe.


Agreed. I’m into electronics, so I see everything coming, and it still makes me laugh. I support him on Patreon.


Mehdi is great. His videos are hilarious and educational. He’s like a slapstick Mr. Wizard.


i’ve used a pair of pencils sharpened at each end as electrodes for an electrolysis of water demo for my 6th graders.


Love this guy. The indian bit cracked me up.


See at about 4:35:


currently (get it? currently … ) wondering how many amps can go through his monobrow


But how did he find an Indian that was such a good conductor?


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